Electro Master Digiwav Automatic Voltage Switcher For AC AVC 30BE

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For complete protection simply plug the automatic switcher into the mains and plug in your appliances. When the mains power supply fluctuates outside pre-set tolerance (normally 19V and 260V) the power to your equipment is disconnected. The AVS monitors the voltage for a short period to ensure the power has stabilized before reconnecting. In addition, the set-up delay provides projection against power-bank surge commonly experienced after resumption of power cut situation. Surge and spike protection in also incorporated to ensure protection against these events which are common. They are generated by lighting and nearby switching off and on other equipment such as vacuum cleaner, pumps, motor, televisions, elevator etc.

Protect and prolongs the useful life of electrical appliances
Eliminates the need to switch off appliances every time the electricity fails
safeguard valuable electricity appliance at all times.
Very low cost protection in relation to the value of appliance.
Different model available including three phase units.
Protection against- high voltage, low voltage, spike/surge, lightning
Specification:Nominal Voltage: 230 V AC
Current Rating : 30 A
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Spike/Surge Protection: 160J
Wait time-User adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
Ideal for Air-conditioner, large fridge/freezers,whole office, and complete circuits
Tips Rated at 30 amps for use with air-conditioners.Direct wiring adds security of installation.
The AVS protect from


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