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In a few components of the LGBTQ+ area,
finger nail duration is actually controversial
— not any longer! Shelli, a long-nailed person who provides queer sex, and Ro, a short-nailed person who provides queer intercourse, have actually teamed doing bust urban myths about nails & sex and offer nail treatment guidelines, safety ideas and dildo suggestions which means you as well as your lover(s) can properly and easily get railed, regardless of what sorts of fingernails you have.


Exactly why do you believe this really is similar, this type of an essential and fun chat to have? Like, just why is it this type of a big deal within neighborhood?!


If you ask me living and dealing inside queer area, it looks like you will find a lot of urban myths and stereotypes attached to nails & intercourse — and I also would you like to explore that! I additionally see most gender suggestions about websites stimulating queer folks to reduce their unique nails small to be able to have secure, fun intercourse. I want individuals know you don’t need to lose your own aesthetic choices so that you can bang.

Shelli Nicole:

Absolutely the screwing same. I wanted to talk about this to decrease the training and keep folks safe, and i truly desired a place to at long last end up like, are we able to prevent operating like fingernails are some BFD or supreme examination of dykeness?


Yes! Exactly!

Shelli Nicole:

If you ask me, I have seen lots of worry and wisdom through the individual that (can be) on receiving end of my personal fingernails. Driving a car I have, correct? ‘cos it really is like, yeah, We have literal stilettos regarding finishes of my fingers and I’m like ”

Open Wide Babe!

” — nevertheless wisdom? Which is therefore ’90s and not in an effective way.

So I are really hoping by using the education, recommendations, and personal material we give fully out (especially along with your expertise) that people can alleviate people’s anxieties and make all of them consider a little bit more before judging, you are sure that?


I really like that. Also, there are many short-nailed queer folks available to you who are in need of some serious advice about nail health and maintenance, and so I hope this is certainly helpful to those folks in addition to their associates, also.

Shelli Nicole:

Let me say,


for the reason that it is so correct. These are generally therefore concerned with how exactly we cleanse our extensions, but like, babe, let’s talk about you getting a nail file initial.

In my opinion that all of us speaking from your private associations and POV’s is going to end up being very dope! In addition def wish men and women to realize that they need to

always carry out their research

. Utilize this part as an intro and helpful tips, however as an ”

end all be all

,” you are sure that.


Positively. Quick, thoroughly clean, well-maintained nails generally you shouldn’t present many issues with regards to queer sex, but that does not mean that lengthy nails constantly present a large problem. If you ask me, queer individuals with very long nails and/or nail extensions normally know what they may be doing, simply there are numerous choices to improve experience more content for stressed bottoms and/or for long-nailed people that wish to rail the hell from their lovers and never having to be also cautious.

Shelli Nicole:

How many queer brownie points do you think we’ll get for doing this part? I’ve a praise kink, therefore goodness i really hope its a number of.


Which is my want you.

Shelli Nicole:

I enjoy this in my situation. Why don’t we go into it therefore I will start accumulating factors and praise.



The very first thing you need to be doing is


. I do believe plenty of y’all tend to be frightened to do that because you believe it has to end up being some huge ordeal in which you stay and look profoundly into each other’s eyes for three hrs and talk and cry whilst you hold fingers. No, that isn’t what I am claiming.

I’m stating when you need to put your hands inside somebody and you have three-inch-long sharp acrylic nails — you have to be inquiring all of them if that’s ok initial.

Communication is not only the responsibility associated with giver — it’s the responsibility regarding the receiver(s), also. If you’re worried about any element of their unique talons going in the gaps, then make it known. If you ask me, the key concern happens to be discomfort, easily followed by questioning if fingernails are going to pop-off and acquire missing in them — both things we talk about later within this piece. I assuage their unique fears as most readily useful as I can, whenever they can be in it, however be in where We easily fit in, examining around and paying attention on the way. I’ve said it before that individuals need to prevent thinking that interaction is some kind of state of mind killer — do you somewhat keep peaceful and perform through pain or discuss it first and end up in a space of delight?


Shelli is completely right — no matter what variety of nails you are employing, it is ESSENTIAL to check on in together with your lover before starting performing sensuous things along with your hands or mouth area or other things. And when the gorgeous material begins happening, remain examining in! Pose a question to your partner regarding what’s working for them. Tell your partner what is working for you (and KINDLY inform your lover if some thing affects — a simple adjustment makes a whole lot of huge difference!).




Whether or not your own nails tend to be small, you can still get dirt, as well as different gunk under them — and no any desires the nail gunk in their holes! Make use of a nail choose or brush to keep your nails thoroughly clean. If your work or pastimes require that you communicate with a lot of petroleum or fat (shout out to hot queer motorcycle auto mechanics), make use of a pumice detergent to completely clean your skin in your hands and around your own nails.

Cleanse your hands before doing whichever sex with your digits. And do not place your fingers in yourself or perhaps in someone right after utilizing hand sanitizer or cutting hot peppers (I learned aforementioned the hard means). It’s also advisable to end up being cleansing both hands AFTER sex, especially if you’ve eliminated discovering inside an ass.


Lots of what Ro mentioned for short-nailed folks applies to the extension wearers, also. Firstly — wash the hands always, but particularly before placing them inside a person. Nobody wants attain an aftertaste of the supper or have the microbes from the isolated inside them. However, when you yourself have much longer nails/extensions, you will have to get a step further. Get
multiple nail brushes
from your own neighborhood pharmacy or beauty supply shop and use these to clean using your fingernails completely. You need whatever hand detergent you’ve got (
it is my favorite
). Just be sure to get the bristles within — not to the point whereby you’re breaking the nail or that makes it lift, but just spending some extra interest!



Complete extensions will demand continuous maintenance, and in case you’ll be fucking individuals, possibly even much more. The most important thing the following is ensuring you maintain with your fill-ins. In-between nail visits, your extensions could start to lift from the bottom or sides, you could break the a nail and come up with it jagged or a number of your polish/embellishments could begin chipping/falling off.

The greater you choose to go, the a reduced amount of a problem this stuff are. However if you don’t match all of them, it could place a pause inside you drilling individuals along with your hands in some way. Think about it — if your nail is actually raising, there is the possibility it really is gonna fall-off, consequently if you’re screwing, it may come-off inside a partner or they may choke (maybe not in an effective way). You will need to pause and get fishing, or even worse, land in the emergency room. If you have a jagged nail, you chance scraping all of them, that will be no fun (I’ve encountered the inside my neck scraped by a jagged nail or two and it AIN’T FUN), and chipped paint might lead to them to have a shock allergy. Very do your best setting away the bucks you will need to handle the preservation of fingernails so that you don’t need to place sexy occasions on hold. You could spend money on understanding how to analysis fingernails yourself, and sometimes even much better, begin banging a nail technology and then make all of them do your fingernails within their unique penance.


For those who have small fingernails, then you probably cut them, however for the love of all holes, PLEASE document all of them, too! Nobody wants your jagged nail borders ripping upwards their unique insides. Bring a nail document or a multitool that includes a file for last-minute smoothing needs.



Okay — that is where we actually enter into it, I am also gonna hop right in.


Precisely what do after all by that? Great question, class.

Should you get extensions (phony plastic material nail guidelines), the artist will connect them to your nail in certain semi-permanent way (Acrylic, Gel & Dip would be the hottest) so that they do not come-off. I’m rough using my fingernails. What i’m saying is, I’m not building residences or everything, but i really do enough. Some of those circumstances consist of getting them inside people. It’s safe because there isn’t chances ones coming off as a result of how well We regulate my personal nail upkeep and because of this way they might be semi-perm bonded to my personal real nails.

What’s perhaps not as well as HELLA DANGEROUS is actually putting your fingers inside some one as to what we call the
“Pop & get” nail extensions
. The reusable hit on nails tend to be pretty as bang, but they’re maintained by nail tape or glue. These fingernails tend to be designed to pop on and off and get worn for a short span of time, and so they usually can end up being removed by simply soaking them in tepid water. I have utilized these while I wanna give my personal normal fingernails some slack from acrylics, and so they pop off at fall of a hat, regardless of what much glue We placed on or exactly how durable they do say its. I have had them pop-off whenever pulling my credit off my budget or even only achieving for something within my bag. So if you believe capable pop off that simple here, who is to express they won’t when your fist is actually inside somebody, covered in lubricant and enclosed by themselves heating? Merely — you should not do so.

You’ll need to just take them down, file off of the glue/tape, cleanse both hands, document down your own nail, wash both hands again and after that you can properly put your fingers into someone. If you don’t wanna do-all that, then only wear the fingernails, seem lovely and make the evening faraway from penetration.

Lastly, If you have any nail decoration or embellishments that dangle or rest outside your semi-perm bonded extensions (
like lovely loops or something
), you shouldn’t put those fingernails inside anybody for really apparent explanations. Even if you cover it with a glove, it may puncture through, and it is maybe not fun or worthwhile.



There are a few things to do. The most popular strategy is the “Lesbian Manicure,” (eye roll within title — i am changing it to “Queer-Babe-who-likes-to-put-fingers-in-holes-but-still-have-long-cute-ass-nails Manicure”) the place you choose two hands never to place extensions on and make use of all of them for penetration.

My only concern with this is you’re knocking aside all the other small fist homies who may choose to perform as well — however, if you would like it, I adore it. When you have a partner(s) the person you’re banging regularly, you might like to ask them their particular inclination on form and size making it more convenient on their behalf.

Those basically two ideas, but I really don’t carry out each one. I like to undermine various other ways, but go ahead drinking water signal — you can be good should you want to.



I am confident we all know that Shelli is a huge fan

(Interruption from Shelli: “IT’S CORRECT I WILL BE!!”)

regarding the
Moist For Her Finger Extender (1)
, which covers two hands. Since the authorship for this article, this system is beyond inventory on the damp on her behalf web site, you have some chance finding it at your gay local sex toy store. It frequently operates around $40. I love this toy offers some space for hands + fingernails. Additionally it is made from silicon, which is an easy task to sterilize and wont harbor micro-organisms. Some people are turned off just by exactly how

very long

this thumb addressing is, however if you’re into alien part play, the Wet For Her Finger Extender might offer just the visual you are considering. When this doll does not meet your requirements, here are some other choices i discovered:

Mini Marvels Finger Vibes (5)
($44) cover specific fingers and gives vibration. They arrive in several forms and colors and they are crafted from silicone.

Calexotics Finger Swirls (2)
($12.99) may also be made from silicone, and they are textured for many added pleasure.

Talking about consistency, Oxballs also makes some VERY textured toys which cover the entire hand, like the
Oxballs CLAW Textured Glove (4)
($72), which appears to be an alien hand (once once again, alien role members, be aware!), as well as the
Oxballs Fingerfuck Glove (3)
($49), which looks like a Bop-It for sex. I’m including these toys from inside the combine because they might-be a great choice for people who are trying to find one thing actually particular,


they will have several major drawbacks. Very first, they truly are pretty costly. Second, both toys are built off TPR, that will be a porous product, so that you will not be capable fully sterilize all of them. If you opt to use a TPR doll, avoid using it in a butt, don’t discuss it with multiple lovers and change it following the very first manifestation of wear (like dark places or greasiness at first glance).

Regarding covering very long nails during intercourse, one of your most useful options for protection and functionality additionally is your most affordable alternative — simply take a latex or nitrile glove, shove some cotton fiber testicle down into the fingertips, draw it on, lubricant it up and get. Unlike safety gear that discusses one little finger, a tight-fitting glove will remain in position while you thrust as difficult as the partner wishes. You also have a choice of utilizing multiple fingers immediately (hellooo, fisters and fistees!).

These are just a few ways to include long nails during sex. Are you experiencing a nail-covering model or technique which is not in the list above?

Decrease your opinions inside the statements!


I ADORE all Ro’s doll recommendations and verify those hateful pounds becoming actually dope when it comes to finger sexing! I needed to chat about a couple of methods to use if you want to go sans doll as a lengthy nail haver. For internal pleasure, spend some time in the beginning. Do not go ham on somebody’s insides right away (unless that’s y’alls thing — subsequently possess fuck at it). The main thing to spotlight is truly the top of the nail, watching the way they respond given that tip will get deeper inside them. Whenever my personal fingernails tend to be inside some body, my aim isn’t really level or performance — it’s fullness and flow, specially due to the razor-sharp form of my nail. You’ll find the groove and go on it following that, of course you do not, you can always utilize certainly one of Ro’s covering/toy suggestions from overhead.

For additional genital arousal, you need to use the pads of the hands — that is where you should have the absolute most power. Like that your own nail and their bits wont have much hookup, and you should stay away from any surprise scratches. You may want to take two fingers, curl them down and rehearse the back of your fingers to promote their own parts nicely. When you’re generating a fist to stimulate their unique knob, with regards to the dimensions, they might have the back of the fingernails. I’ve been informed it’s typically a dull feeling and never scary after all, and also as extended because’ve already been doing well along with your maintenance, you will find small chance for marks truth be told there, also! Lastly, don’t use the nails as a replacement for
noises during urethral play
, like simply don’t do so!

I’m passing away to understand the methods also! Thus please let me know inside the opinions, i will end up being using notes.


Myth #1: “Folks with acrylics either are not truly queer or should be bottoms.”


This will be wrong and is sold with a huge vision roll. It really is certainly time we obtain gone quite a few stereotypes for queer ladies, like the the one that recommends the size of my nails is exactly what determines just who and how I fuck. I don’t worry about when individuals label by themselves (covers, soles, etc.) — i believe it is all-in great enjoyable (for many people), and when it does make you feel much more ensured within queerness in some manner, then do it now.

The thing I do not delight in is people pressuring a tag on other individuals due to the way they seem or some section of their own style. Basically moved around making the assumption that every hottie I experienced that has nails was not truly dabbling in dykey oceans, I would have overlooked out on some dope folks and a few fantastic sex. A lot of you may be functioning under those presumptions and then state that you don’t realize why your own sex/dating life is non-existent or perhaps in shambles — hmmm I wonder the reason why?

Myth no. 2: “All short-nailed queers are covers.”


Nope! some individuals only choose to hold their nails short since it is convenient or comfy or needed for work. Ask your companion what they fancy prior to making an assumption. Possibly they are a high or they truly are simply a guitarist. (but additionally, maybe they can be both! And perhaps that’s exactly the type!).

Final Thoughts On Nails & Sex


It high-key returns to interaction. We have
Stiletto Design Nails
— they oval upwards and form a pointed tip — and that I’ve had them inside loads of individuals. I’ve had sufficient exercise to know what i am carrying out and get men and women before I put them inside the house.

The very best tip i will give (apart from screwing communicating) is to be mild initially and focus on their particular responses to understand when you’re able to clearly do a lot more. Chat while and relax. It is genuinely not that large of {a deal|a

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